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Enabling businesses to trade with confidence:

Trade Assurance:

With Trade Assurance, you're covered for Quality Control and Pre-shipment product quality check
If the delivered goods does not meet the specifications in your agreement, Lively Logistics LLC will refund your covered amount.

Supplier Verification Assessment:

Supplier Verification Assessment is a Lively Logistics LLC service to verify that the manufacturers business license, contact information, main product lines, production/export capacity, international trade capabilities, product quality, production flow, main products and customer satisfaction rating are in compliance with US imports rules and regulations.

For Businesses this means that the manufacturers you will be doing business with has been pre-approved and you can trade with confidence.



The Principles of Lively Logistics LLC:

  1. Provide US businesses the opportunity to connect with overseas manufacturers.
  2. Serve as liaison between the US business and the overseas manufactures.
  3. Quality Control & Quality Assurance on goods ordered, with attention to detail.
  4. Immediate execution of orders to include processing, shipping, and payment.
  5. Rigid tracking control on the shipments for export and import movement dates.
  6. Professional & reliable services of bill of lading, Customs and Border Protection.
  7. Individual approach to the needs and necessities of each American business.
  8. A focus on high quality products and the best prices to increase your profit.

The import market is nearly unlimited, sporting goods, clocks, toys, cupcake liners, electronic games, radios, housewares, hair extensions, garments, tools, LED bulbs - a tremendous amount of trade goods can be readily imported if there is a consumer demand.

Buying direct from the Manufacturers to increase your company profit margin is a wise business decision.

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