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Help to expand the Veterans Network. The stronger we are as a unit, the more we can do. Refer the Veterans Network to all of the other Montgomery County Veterans that you know. Click Here to send a referral to a friend.
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Veterans Information Network

The Montgomery County, Texas, Veterans Information Networking Center

ATTENTION: Veteran or Active Duty Personnel,

Welcome to the Veterans Network of Montgomery County.

If you feel like you are going nowhere fast, down on your luck, or on hard times, rest assured, you are not the only one.

Which is why the Veterans Information Network is Online.

This Network of Veterans and Active Duty Members is owned and operated by veterans.

The objective of this mission it is to help returning members intergrate back into the community.

Whether you are fresh from the Service, looking to find a job, or maybe you have been looking for a good job for the past year, this Network is a platform for you to promote yourself to businesses, spread across Montgomery County, Texas.

The Veteran Networking Process is the technology of promoting and connecting veterans through a large force of other veterans to a county wide market of jobs and opportunities.

Montgomery County is a great place for you to settle down and raise a family, many successful veterans and veteran owned business are located here.

This is a Network of Veterans, working to help other veterans to better help themselves by providing the tools and organizatonal structure. - Join the Network, Join the Force.
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